Your visitors cannot find something on your site? Use siteMETA search service to help them.
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    New and useful search tool siteMETA increases your profits enabling your sites to be searchable

         Do you have lots of pages in your site and cannot find exactly what you are looking for?

         Do you need a search service for your site? Do you need it to be fast?

         Many files of different formats can be searched on your site with siteMETA site search installed.

         Then siteMETA is the best choice for you.

         See our press release

         It differs from other search software tools by presenting the search results very fast after the indexing process is completed, and requires zero administration.

         The high quality of search is provided by the intelligent search algorithms that range results according to the quantity of query word entries in a document, their location, proximity, word significance, formatting elements used for these words and for the whole document, and other options.

         It is as easy to use as possible; Unlike many known site search scripts which require to be integrated into the site, siteMETA has its own installation program, avoiding the need of even basic knowledge of programming from the administrator.

         siteMETA has been created to ease the search options for both users and administrators. siteMETA is a necessary tool for managing big internet projects like portals, online stores with large number of products with descriptions, forums, and such. Thanks to the advanced algorithms, siteMETA provides the search results very quickly independent of the amount of data or files that one may have. If you would like to learn more about siteMETA and how it works, please read the main advantages page for more information.

         siteMETA is a commercial product with search result ranging modes, capability to index great number of documents and add different plugins, such as multiple file format filters, linguistic support.

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