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             Frequently asked questions about siteMETA work.

  • How can I add siteMETA search to my web site?
  • This is a very simple task to do. You should only run the install program and follow the steps described in it.

  • What documents does it index and search?
  • Each of the version searches html documents but it can search all the following documents doc, html, htm, xls, ppt and rtf if a certain filter was added.

  • How does siteMETA know that pages have been modified or updated?
  • If the service of siteMETA is run under search and add mode it sends request to the server and receives back the data that detects if a certain document was modified or not, to use this mode you must change to it from the default.

  • Can I prevent siteMETA from indexing a particular page?
  • Yes, you just have to put the urls that should not be indexed in the exclude box in the documents types table.

  • How much does siteMETA cost?
  • You can find different packages of siteMETA search tool here.

  • What is "indexing"?
  • This is one of the processes required before the search option is available. The siteMETA search tool will index all the documents in your site, after that it will be possible to search throughout the site.

  • Is it possible to modify the template where the results of search are shown?
  • Yes, it is fully customizable and can easily be integrated into any design.

  • Has siteMETA support of special characters like German or other language umlauts?
  • Yes, and thanks to the unique algorythms it work correctly with all of them.

  • How do I get support if I have some questions?
  • We have a support team which is available at email.

  • What kinds of search queries can users enter to siteMETA search?
  • All the tips and tricks how it is better to search for something special are described here.

  • Why are my PDF/mp3/avi documents cannot be indexed?
  • Because these types of files are not yet supported by our search.

  • Is it possible to index pages that were generated with use of a database?
  • Yes, it does not matter how your pages were generated, siteMETA search tool will index all of the html/htm pages of your site.

    Full information on the work of siteMETA site search tool is available in the user's manual, and can be found here

    If none of the answers above is suitable for your current situation, you are welcome to contact our support team at any time at this email

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