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    siteMETA Benefits

    siteMETA is a commercial site search tool. It has all advantages and the following benefits:

    • Allows to index large data volumes, up to one million documents
    • Can be used on commercial sites
    • It is not necessary to add a link to us from your site
    • Allows to sort search results by date, category, etc.
    • Includes morphological support feature and optional file format filters
    • FREE email tech support for 1 year.
    • FREE updates for 1 year.

    Morphological Support Plug-ins
    These feature provide a full linguistic support that makes search even more accurate. Morphological support allows to find documents containing not only query words in the exact word form they were given but in all their word forms. It also works correctly with words not included in the dictionaries such as neologisms, abbreviations, personal names.

    File Format Filters
    These features allow to work with multiple document formats, such as .txt, .doc, htm, .xls, .rtf, .xls, pdf. It also supports custom plain text formats.

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