Use siteMETA search service for all of your sites. It can index up to 1 000 000 documents.
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    siteMETA press release.

       <META> Inc. a leading provider of Internet search software and solutions, desktop search software and the largest Internet search engine in Ukraine is proud to represent siteMETA, a quality search the site tool.

       "Seeing that people who have a lot of pages in their sites are experiencing problems finding something exact at their pages or just people coming to a big Internet resource without a search option experiencing the same problems, we decided to develop a search the site program, that will be fast, useful and affordable at the same time" - says Yuri Nazarov, CEO of <META> Inc.

       This product is being developed to give people ability to easily add a quality and fast search the site function to their sites. siteMETA meets nearly all the needs of people who have a great number of pages in their sites. In case a person wants to make searchable different types of documents in addition to the search the site option in their sites then siteMETA will still meet all their needs, it will just require adding some plug ins to the program.

       Shortly its advantages can be described as: big number of documents in the index (up to one million), support of all European languages, morphological support for the English language, ability to work with paradigms, linguistic modules recognition of different forms of neologisms and personal names for correct and full search, correct work with abbreviations, easy to use, requires zero administration, represents results of the search very fast, can be added to a number of different sites and more.

       "The high quality and fullness of siteMETA search is provided by the intelligent search algorithms that range results according to the quantity of words entries in a document, their location in a document, proximity, word significance, formatting elements used for these words and for the whole document" - says senior project developer Alexey Kirdin.

       siteMETA has already been used at the personal site of Ukrainian president Viktor Yuschenko, enabling all the interested people from around the world find all the necessary information of the recent events in Ukraine and Ukrainian politics; the Ukrainian National Bank, one of the popular Ukrainian newspapers Zerkalo nedeli (Mirror weekly).

       <META> Inc. Kharkov, Ukraine. The company was found in the 1998 and was working in the Search Engine industry. Since 1998 <META> Inc. has developed a line of search solutions and products which are now widely used worldwide. This line includes the following products: diskMETA - desk top and hard drive search software; opened for wide public search solution for Ukrainian National Bank system; monitoring system for public Internet resources (beta version).

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