You can search the documents in your site depending on the modification date, you just need to install the siteMETA search service.
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    Prices for siteMETA

    The price for siteMETA license differs depending on the quantity of documents that need to be indexed.
    High quality and fast site search software for your site at affordable prices.
    For more accurate processing of dictionary words siteMETA has morphological support inside the program.

    siteMETA Licenses
    Index Capacity, documents Price, USD
    Up to 500,000 2,000 Buy Now >>
    Up to 1,000,000
    3,000 Buy Now >>

    If desired you can add file format filters that allow
    to search across multiple document formats besides HTML documents.

    Name Price, USD
    Microsoft Word format filter 50
    Microsoft Excel format filter 50
    RTF format filter 50
    XML format filter 50

    siteMETA Format Filters Shopping >>

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