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    Main advantages

         The main advantage of siteMETA is that it works independent of the number of pages (up to 1 000 000) and it presents the search results in less than a second. This saves a lot of time for people working with large amount of information. siteMETA supports: doc, html, htm, xls, and rtf files formats.

         siteMETA supports West European languages. In addition, it also has a morphological support for the English language that works with word paradigms. Moreover it has special linguistic modules that allow to find different forms of neologisms and personal names.

         siteMETA works correctly with abbreviations and reserved characters, such as "$", "R&D", "C++", etc.

         It is as easy to use as possible. Unlike many known site search scripts which require to be integrated into the site, siteMETA has its own installation program, avoiding the need of even basic knowledge of programming from the administrator. Please note that this site search tool must be installed on the dedicated servers. For hosted sites, the hosting administrators must install this program directly for your site.

         siteMETA search service can be installed and tuned by any webmaster or server administrator within 5 minutes. After the installation and tuning processes are complete, the service requires no administration. It automatically tracks changes in existent documents as well as new documents, constantly updating the index. As a result you can always search the actual version of the site.

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